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496 Argie

496 Argie

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with catsgood with childrenhouse trained

Argie is just over 2 years old, purebred black female lab weighing about 64 pounds. She was surrendered by her owner due to a toddler and a new baby, the family had no time for Argie. She lived inside as a small puppy but when the first baby was born Argie was moved outside to the garage. Argie has lived in harmony with three cats. She is now happily living in her foster moms home, she is house trained and well mannered (not sure why they moved her outside when the baby came). Argie has a taste of the good life inside now so she is a house girl now. Argie has not been exposed to many dogs so she needs slow easy socialization with other dogs, she lives with lots of foster dog friends and is happy to be around them and is learning how to play. She knows sit and down but could use some leash work because she pulls pretty hard (easily fixed). She is very obedient and knows “no”, she aims to please and just wants to be included in whatever you are doing. She also rides well in the car. Argie loves water and is a ball retrieving machine. Playing ball in the backyard and being part of the family would make Argie a happy girl. She is a sweetie pie she will make a fabulous family addition.

Dog Rating Level 2

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