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495 Charlie

495 Charlie

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Charlie is a 9 year old 58 pound chocolate male mix. His female owner had to move into an assisted living facility so her son took in Charlie to try to re-home. Charlie would be happiest with another senior woman…men can be a bit scary for Charlie though he does warm up quickly.(he was great with the son and has been fine with his foster dad). From the story we heard, Charlie was picked up from a shelter 8+ years ago by another rescue where he had likely been abused by a man. From the time they adopted him, he had that walleyed look, maybe a byproduct of the abuse. Fast forward…Charlie would love a new loving home where he can have a comfy dog bed to nap on, a yard to wander around in to do his business, and maybe someone who would like to go on leisurely walks. He walks easily on a leash. He’s a total house dog! He is good with other dogs both big and small and where’s he’s been living for the past couple months has an occasional chicken wander in that Charlie finds curious enough to nudge with his nose. As easy going as he is, he’d probably be fine with a cat too. He’s not been crate trained, but being such a good boy, he’s just fine sleeping on a dog bed till it’s breakfast time. Visiting children are just fine, but the day to day commotion of busy active kids would definitely interfere with Charlie’s naptime. He loves to play in the sprinkler too! Yes, this boy has lived one very spoiled life and we say why change now?

Dog Rating Level 1

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495 Charlie Playing In Sprinklers

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