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493 Siren

493 Siren

Adult - Female
good with catsgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Siren is a 4 year old 88 pound purebred black female. Her current owner found her running down the highway and stopped and picked her up. It took a week for the original owners to call about her because they were dealing with a medical emergency. Her current owner had already fallen in love with her and because of the emergency, they let her keep Siren and gave her the AKC paperwork and all her vet records. Siren is a house dog. She has lived in harmony with a small dog and a cat and has grandchildren visiting often and she’s wonderful with them according to the owner. She does get very excited with new people and because of her size, she might knock over a little one, but only out of love. She hasn’t had any formal training, so she needs to learn to walk on a leash. But all in all, she’s a very strong but friendly girl who walked into her foster home like she has lived here her whole life. She is overweight and needs to lose some weight, but she loves to swim and play fetch so daily play time with less kibble and she’ll get those extra pounds off in no time. With a little obedience training, Siren will make a great addition to most any family as long as they treat her like family.

Dog Rating Level 2

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