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486 Sawyer

486 Sawyer

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Sawyer is a 5 year old chocolate female lab who was tearfully surrendered to us because her owner lost his home (was living in his car with Sawyer) and he could not afford to continue to pay her vet bills for an infection she had for 2 years. After we took her in rescue we did an ultrasound which revealed the infection was caused by a possible foxtail (or similar foreign object) lodged dangerously near her lung and liver. Sawyer will undergo a very serious intensive surgery on June 6th to hopefully remove the foreign object. Her surgery will be very expensive, the tests she has undergone already to date have cost us $1000.00. But let us tell you SHE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY we have spent and will spend on her in our attempt to save her life!!! Sawyer is one of the sweetest, happiest, friendliest dogs we have ever had in this rescue. We will update you along the way with her status and surgery outcome. If you would like to help us with some of her vet expenses we would really appreciate any amount. We have paypal or you can mail your donations to: PO Box 232, Lincoln, CA 95648. Cross your fingers and pray for this special girl.

UPDATE: Sawyer is out of surgery and recovering well this afternoon. We had the surgeon plus another doctor using ultrasound and dye to help find the foreign objects for removal. It turns out there were two plant like objects a few inches apart behind her ribs. The smaller of the two plant like objects (with barbs) was about an inch and a quarter long. We are extremely lucky they were able to find both and remove them plus all of the infected and inflamed tissues around them. We hope we got it all. Sawyer should be able to come home to her foster moms home tomorrow. We are very lucky. She will have a long road of recovery to heal all the tissues and large incision. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: Sawyer came home today and is sleeping, eating, and happy to be out of the busy hospital. Her surgery expenses were $3,000.00. The pre-surgery expenses x-rays, blood work, and ultrasound was an additional $1000.00. Thank you for your continued donations towards her surgery costs. To date we have received $2000.00 in donations towards her vet bills, THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE: Sawyer got her bandages and drain removed yesterday (June 12) and she feels so much better with all that stuff off. She still has quite a row of staples that need to come out in another week so she is hanging out laying around until those come out.Thank you for your continued donations towards her surgery costs!

Sawyer gets her stitches out Wednesday!!! We are so excited for her!


Sawyer Bandage Off

486 Sawyer Frontal

486 Sawyer Sized Frontal

486 Sawyer Face