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460 Bailey

460 Bailey

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bailey just turned 4 years old and is a cute mix of Lab/Great Dane/German Shepherd/Husky, she weighs about 60 pounds. Bailey and her house mate Junior (461) were tearfully surrendered by their owner because he is gone during the week in another city for work and only comes home on the weekends, he didn’t think it was fair for the dogs to be on their own. Bailey met all her foster friends with wags and play bows ready to run around and play. Usually we split up pairs coming from the same home but Bailey and Junior are independent enough they can be in the same foster home without any issues. Bailey is house trained, likes to play in the water, knows sit and down. She is fairly active and would make a great jogging/running/hiking buddy. She needs a few vaccinations updated but can go home after that, she is already spayed. Bailey will snuggle with you, lay her head in your lap, or lean against you (she has the “Lab Lean” down perfect) and gaze at you with those doe eyes. She is very responsive and is very eager to please. We know she doesn’t look lab but she has the lab spirit and great disposition.

Dog Rating Level 2

460 Bailey Body

460 Bailey Face 2