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459 Ruger

459 Ruger

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Ruger is a happy 8 year old 85 pound chocolate male. Surrendered by friends of his family to a rural Sierra shelter when the family had to move and could not take Ruger with them. The friends said he was an outside dog, but from experience, dogs living in the snow have heavy winter coats and though Ruger’s is lush and beautiful, it’s unlikely he was an outside only dog. And our experience having him in the house confirms it. He knows ‘the rules’…house trained, stays off furniture, doesn’t counter surf…he’s a good boy! When it’s bedtime, we tell him ‘in your house’ and he walks right into his crate. So far, we have not heard him bark, but with the right stimulus, we’re sure there can be a deep bark ready. He enjoys his foster dog companions but he prefers his people more. He’s pretty good on a leash, but he wants to be on your right side so he obviously had prior training. Ruger is one big happy playful lab! Bring out the ball and he’s ready for a game of fetch! He’s already learned to drop it at our feet and back up for the next throw. When he wants attention, he’ll put his head between your legs for a good ‘butt scratch’ and he actually dances when you scratch that special spot…it is too cute! Can you tell we’ve already fallen in love with him? He needs his own new forever family to love…is that you?

Dog Rating Level 2

459 Ruger Sit

459 Ruger Body

459 Ruger Relaxed Happy Face