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431 Sam

431 Sam

Young - Male
good with childrengood with other dogs

Sam, approximately 10 months old yellow male weighing about 77 lbs. Sam is a big boy and a playful puppy, and he is outgoing and cheerful. He is learning to retrieve the ball and most of the time brings it back, he will also bat it around with is paws and pounce on it. He is a silly dorky boy, he bounces around with glee, and comes when you call him. He LOVES attention and is so cute doing play bows with his person. Sam is at the perfect age to continue his training so he can grow up to be an awesome adult dog. Sam is a mellow but playful at times young pup needing obedience classes to make him the best boy ever! He will be a faithful companion but needs the training first!!!

Dog Rating Level 2

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