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413 Rocky

413 Rocky

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Rocky is a 10 year old chocolate male lab weighing 65 pounds. He is in excellent shape and our vet could hardly believe he is 10 years young. His owner got into some trouble and won’t be coming home for quite some time. So, that left Rocky without a home. We happily took him in, this is our favorite age and Rocky has confirmed it once again why we love this age. He is a happy, friendly, super sweet boy, and loves to go for car rides. He is fairly active and LOVES to retrieve, don’t let that gray face fool you!!! He knows sit, down, and walks on a leash nicely. He met all his foster dog friends with lots of wags. He is an easy going thoughtful boy and he is still wondering what happened and why he isn’t home, but we can tell he is the kind of boy who will welcome a new forever home and be a loving obedient companion for you.

Dog Rating Level 1

413 Rocky Stand

413 Rocky Sit

413 Rocky Frontal

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