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411 Addie

411 Addie

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Addie is an 11+ year old yellow female lab weighing 80 pounds (and could lose at least 10 pounds). Addie LOVES everyone!!! She is super sweet, friendly, happy and her foster mom can take dogs like her all day long!!! She walked in the door and met her foster dog friends with lots of tail wags, checked out the house, and picked out a dog bed. She is so sweet and easy. It always amazes us how someone can drop off a dog like Addie at a shelter and tell the staff we don’t want her anymore. This girl has some pep in her step and would love to become someone’s walking, swimming, travel companion!!! She loves car rides too. This girl is about as perfect as they come with manners and disposition. We love her already.

Dog Rating Level 1

410 Addie Sit

411 Addie Broad Chest

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