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397 Joey

397 Joey

Baby - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Joey is a black male lab between 4 and 5 months old and weighing 27 pounds…for now (we have no idea how big he will get). Joey came right in the house said “hello” to all his foster dog friends and the playtime began. He is having a blast and quickly learned how to use the doggie door by following everyone else. He already knows sit. He goes in his crate but if you are hanging around he would rather be out with you. He slept most of the night (in his crate) and needed a 3am potty break and then went back to bed for an hour or so. We are catching him up on vaccinations and he needs one more series before he can go out into the world to explore and socialize. He gets neutered next week and can go home after that. As we tell all adopters THIS WILL BE JUST LIKE HAVING A TODDLER IN THE HOME!!! If you already have human toddlers in the home this pup is not for you, he still has needle sharp teeth and jumps on you. He appears to be potty trained now, goes out the doggie door on his own to go potty. Remember: YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM. And in case you didn’t know puppies chew everything…including your brand new shoes, power cords, and anything else you might love and cherish that is on his level! You cannot leave puppy in the backyard when you go to work either…it will not look the same as when you left that morning and we guarantee the changes won’t be to your liking. But, IF you are ready for the full time commitment of constant supervision, training, and socializing a puppy he may be the one for you. Joey is a pretty cool puppy and already growing up before her eyes, his foster mom really likes him. His adoption fee is $400.00 since he is under 6 months old.

Dog Rating Level PUPPY!!!

397 Joey Sit

397 Joey Sit 2