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395 Cami

395 Cami

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Cami is about a 5 year old 75 pound fat black (and white) female wannabe a lab. She’s probably lab mixed with a little border collie but she is plus sized and behaves like a lab. She was a stray in a valley shelter where her owners never came for her. It’s obvious this girl has been ‘loved’ as in over fed or fed table scraps because she should weigh 10-15 pounds less. Right now she has the shape of a coffee table and has about as much energy. But she is so so sweet! She was giving me kisses as I tried to evaluate her…she let me tug and pull everywhere if I just got her out of the noisy shelter! She came into our home and met all the family dogs, found a spot of the couch (yes, she’s been a couch potato) and got comfy. She is house trained and she sleeps quietly on a dog bed (or couch). She knows sit, shake, walks ok on a leash with a little direction, and she loves car rides. She is an easy going girl who wants as much attention as you are willing to give her.

Dog Rating Level 1

395 Cami Fat Sit

395 Cami Stand