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384 Silly

384 Silly

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Silly is about a 70 pound chubby 6 year old black female who should weigh about 55. Surrendered by ex-husband at a rural shelter, we took one look at her cute face and knew we had to rescue her. Silly gets excited when the leash comes out, but once she gets on walk mode, she walks very nicely on leash. She seems to have been well loved in her previous life so it should be an easy transition to a new loving home. She walked into her foster home and got met by all the family dogs and she was very tolerant. She knows sit, appears to be house trained and has nice house manners. She slept quietly in a crate but she’ll be fine on a dog bed too. She is just settling in so once we spend a few days with Silly, we will learn a little more. But, from what we’ve seen already, she’s aptly named.

Dog Rating Level Low 2

384 Silly Stand

384 Silly Face 2