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364 Biggie

364 Biggie

Adult - Male

Biggie is a 4-5 year old 89 pound black male. He was surrendered by his owners when their housing situation took a turn, and a neighbor graciously offered to help with her pets. She took Biggie in to be heartworm tested by an area vet and she heard the story and fell instantly in love with him. Rescue got a call asking if it was ok for vet to take him home for a trial (he hadn’t been surrendered to rescue yet) so we said it’s up to owner. She got him vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested, flea treated and took him home to meet her critters. He got along great with dogs and cats, but he is a couch potato lab and she really wanted a dog with spunk. Spunk isn’t in Biggie’s vocabulary. So he is now here in rescue being a couch potato in his foster’s home. He is house trained, ok in a crate while traveling, said hello to another bunch of dogs without a single hair raised. He knows sit and down, but doesn’t have a clue yet what a leash is. Leash training has already begun!

Dog Rating Level 1 to 2

364 Biggie Lazy Sit

364 Biggie Lay

364 Biggie Face 22