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290 Axle

290 Axle

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Axle is an 85 pound, 6 year old black male. He was adopted a year ago and had to be returned when the family had family medical problems. In the year, he has gained 10 pounds but with exercise and diet, that should come off quickly. He is house trained, crate trained (but sleeps on his dog bed), knows sit, doesn’t jump up, walks nicely on leash, and loves car rides. His previous adopters say he also loves counter surfing and checking out the trash. Come on…he is a lab and if food/trash is in reach, a lab is going to get to it! He was re-introduced to his dog friends and though he enjoys dog company, people are what’s special to Axle. He’d love to have company to lose those 10 pounds and to keep him from being bored. He is NOT a dog you can put in the backyard while you are at work all day…he is just too social.

Dog Rating Level 2