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271 Sir Kona

271 Sir Kona

Adult - Male
crate trained

Sir Kona is a 72 pound 5 year old AKC registered yellow male. Purchased as a puppy with his brother, his elderly owners found it was too difficult to care for 2 rambunctious labs and sadly gave up Kona who had knocked down his owner once too often. He was a ranch dog who also was used for hunting, but his people just want to make sure he is well loved and given the attention he deserves. He is a bit overwhelmed in his foster home with all his new foster friends, but he’s settling in and learning the house rules quickly. He has been well trained and knows sit, down, heal, and will sleep quietly in a crate. He met the vet office cat and sniffed it, and then got bored when he didn’t react so we are sure he could learn to live with a cat with training. He is showing his shy, needy side right now so he needs to continue to build his confidence and know he is safe in his new home. But in the meantime, you will have a shadow who will follow you everywhere!

Dog Rating Level 2