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25 Doc

25 Doc

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogs

Meet Doc, 10+ year old 65 pound yellow male looking for a retirement home.  He has been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, not cancer, but an enlarged prostate has the same effect on Doc as it does on an older man.  Poor Doc has had a neglected life before finding his way to a rural shelter where his luck started to change.  The volunteers at the shelter absolutely fell in love with him, and really championed him for the hope of a better life.  Now that he has been neutered, we are hopeful that his prostate will decrease in size and Doc will finally find a home where he will be loved and cared for in his retirement years, because if any dog deserves it, Doc is definitely the one.  Doc is a happy, easy-going, playful ole’ guy who just loves everyone.

This is what the shelter had to say about our Doc:
Ole Doc is a senior dog who would adore a caring home with maybe a senior of his very own to love him back to sleekness. He has some skin conditions from rash and fleas, some abrasions on his legs and ears (for which he’s being treated), and to boot a hitch in his git-along. He’s current on all shots but rabies and will need to be neutered (this has been done). He thrives on playing fetch with a ball, happily returning it to you and dropping it or lets you take it from his gentle mouth. He seems to remember what it was like being a pup when he has the ball, and his whole demeanor becomes more lively. If you’re looking for a great companion and pal, and can relate to feeling like a pup when you’ve got someone fun to play with, come meet and have a ball with Doc.