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220 Chip

220 Chip

Young - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Chip is about a 4 month old black male lab/hound cross. He has the ticking on his chest and toes of a blue tick hound and the big ears. A CHP officer found him running down the highway and rescued him and hence the name. No one came to claim him so the shelter called us to help find a great home. Chip is a very smart little boy who will need guidance and training to make him a wonderful dog. He already is showing the willingness to learn. He is sleeping in his crate quietly at night without an accident (yet) and with a routine, he’s going when taken out. He is a friendly, outgoing pup with not a care or fear in the world. We are sure he wasn’t on his own for long. Chip is a puppy…he will chew whatever comes near his mouth with those razor like puppy teeth so adopting a puppy requires lots and lots of time and attention, but the rewards will be great.

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