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219 Ace

219 Ace

Senior - Male
good with childrenhouse trained

Ace is a yellow male about 9 or so years old and weighs 74 pounds. He came from a small shelter and the day we met him was supposed to be his last day…we couldn’t resist and if you meet him you will understand why. Ace LOVES LOVES LOVES to play ball, in fact if you don’t throw it he will toss it in the air and play catch without you, and entertain you in the process. Ace is very active and ready to go and do whatever you are going to do. He is good with his foster mom’s 7 year old daughter. He seems to be potty trained, no accidents yet. He is all wags when he sees other dogs. Update: we just found out that Ace is heartworm positive so he will start treatment very soon! Ace has an adopter lined up and he is currently living with his new family. We will keep you posted on his progress.

Dog Rating Level 2

Ace Standing