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204 Rusty

204 Rusty

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Rusty is a 4 to 5 year old yellow male weighing 64 pounds. He is from a small Northern California shelter found as a stray. Rusty is very active and would love to have a human to call his own. He is good with other dogs but LOVES his humans, he is a Velcro kind of dog, and he LOVES his tennis ball for sure. He knows sit and is fairly good on a leash but obedience classes are a must for this guy because we can tell he has never been through one. He is potty trained and knows how to use a doggie door. He would be an excellent running partner and would like to go everywhere with you. We suspect Rusty will need a cat free home. When we neutered Rusty we discovered his salivary gland was enlarged and a cyst formed due to the leaking fluid. Our vet pulled a sample of the fluid which shows some salivary fluid. We have put him on a course of antibiotics and we will see in a week or so if there is no fluid build up then the site is healing on its own, if it does not heal then we will do surgery to remove the gland. Our vet is hopeful that the area will heal on its own.

Dog Rating Level 2


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