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170 Susie

170 Susie

Adult - Female
house trained

Susie just arrived from the shelter. She is a chocolate female about 6 or 7 according to the shelter and weighs 80 pounds, she could use some dieting. Susie seems to be house trained. She is a barrel of energy and loves to run around with her nose on the ground sniffing all the good smells. She also likes the water and will roll in it every chance she gets. She does pull on the leash and we are working on that but it does take time to train them to walk without pulling. She also knows sit and lay down. She is super sweet and loves all the attention. She is just one of those happy girls looking for a new dog bed and a family to call her own. She is still in quarantine for a few more days so we will update more after that.

Susie Head Up With Ball Laying

Susie Laying Head Down Looking Cute