398 Max – COMING SOON!

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Max is a 4 year old gorgeous chocolate male purebred (English) lab weighing about 95 pounds (we have already started dieting, he could lose at least 15 pounds). Max was dropped off at a small rural shelter where his owner said he “didn’t have time to walk him anymore and didn’t want him”. Max is super sweet and friendly with everyone (including cats) and is a special boy because he has some pretty serious what appear to be cataracts. The right eye does not appear to have much sight and the left eye may have some, he can definitely see shadows. Once he has the layout of where he is living he moves around quite easily and knows exactly where everything is. He walks fairly easy on a leash, knows sit and down. His foster mom has never had an almost blind dog but she can tell you this…his personality makes up for any vision problem he may have and he can still go everywhere with you and be an awesome companion and friend. Max goes to the eye specialist 9/21/17, our vet thinks he has cataracts that can be corrected, cross our fingers we can do surgery on this fantastic boy. You would not know he is blind, he knows the house and yard by heart and goes in and out the doggie door as he needs to. He wrestles and plays and runs around the yard like a sighted dog! He is truly amazing!

Dog Rating Level 1