Young - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Shorty is a 49 pound 7 month old almost white male mix. Shorty is not going to win any beauty contests, but he’s in the running for Mr. Congeniality! He found himself in an overcrowded shelter after 4th of July and rescue was called. Sadly, Shorty was born with some ‘short’-comings, hence the name. He has an overbite and a non-formed left ear canal. His right ear sits on top of his head and goes whatever direction the wind blows(he hears just fine)! He also has a slight cherry eye which we will have corrected when he is neutered. It’s easy to look past his ‘flaws’ because Shorty is one incredible loving pup. He wants to play with his foster friends but they are old and cranky…so he listens to them and just lays by them. He wants to please and he wants to be good because he hates being scolded. He is sleeping in his crate quietly (unless he whines to tell you he can’t hold it)…and he has been perfect about making it outside to do his business. He is learning everything…I don’t believe Shorty was exposed to much before he was rescued. And he is learning at a lightning pace. It’s an exciting world out there and Shorty wants to experience it all with the right family who will be committed to continue his training. You will definitely turn heads on your walks and conversations will be started, but what a great way to meet your neighbors!

Dog Rating Level 2