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378 Liberty

378 Liberty

Young - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Liberty is a 19 month old purebred AKC registered black female weighing 55 pounds. Originally her owners gave her up because they had no time for her and they felt it wasn’t fair for her not to have lots of love and attention. Liberty was adopted from us and was in training as a police dog but didn’t have enough crazy ball drive so she came back so we can find a fabulous home for her. In the process of her police dog training she tore her ACL, had surgery by a board certified surgeon, was rehabilitated, and re-xrayed. The vet said that leg is stronger than ever and you can’t tell she had an injury or surgery. ACL surgeries have become fairly common in labs these days. Liberty is house trained, knows sit, LOVES the water, is very good with her foster dog friends, and did we mention she LOVES the water. She is also good with kids. She is happy, friendly, sweet, eager to learn, and up for whatever is on the schedule as long as she gets to participate, be part of the family and sleep on the bed with you, or cuddle on the couch (a habit you aren’t going to break, did we say a habit you aren’t going to break because we mean it). Liberty is looking for an owner who is home a lot (because we promised her original owners she would get love, care, and attention with someone who is home a lot).

Dog Rating Level 2

378 Liberty

378 Liberty Stand2

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