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Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with catshouse trained

Oakley is a 4 year old yellow male lab weighing about 90 pounds. Oakley is being tearfully rehomed because has some jealously of the new infant in the home, his owners raised him from puppyhood. He is good with older teenage kids, but young children, toddlers and babies make him uncomfortable (so no homes with infants or toddlers!). He is very comfortable with adults and very friendly! He is also currently living with a cat and they are buddies. Oakley had a bad experience living temporarily (he was bullied and picked on) with another family members dog and he has lost his confidence with other dogs, he is not comfortable around them. He is great in the car, crate trained, loves playing fetch (it is his favorite) and LOVES water! He is good on the leash and only pulls a little while being walked. He knows sit, lay down and “paw” to shake. He is VERY food driven and listens very well when treats are around:) Overall he is a great dog and very friendly and loving! Oakley is looking for a family or person where he will be the center of their attention and be part of everything and all the fun that goes with that and he needs a good size yard where he can play fetch too.

Dog Rating Level 2


Oakley Close Laying

Oakley Chair.jpg

Oakley Couch

Oakley Ball