Adult - Female
Adoptable good with other dogshouse trained

Jetta is an 8 year old purebred black female lab, weighing about 76 pounds. Jetta’s owners are surrendering her because their daughter who gave Jetta most of the attention has gone off to college. The family has no time for her and the upkeep on her allergies is a financial drain. Jetta loves walks and chasing squirrels in the yard. She is house trained and good with other dogs as well. We will be putting Jetta on some antibiotics to start with and change her food which should alleviate the itching. Jetta will need lifetime care for the allergies, regular baths, good food, and possibly some medication periodically.

Dog Rating Level 1 to 2

Jetta 8 F Blk Stand

Jetta 8 Blk F Sit Close

Jetta 8 Blk F Face Close