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811 Daisy

811 Daisy

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Daisy is a purebred 7 year old yellow female lab weighing 80 pounds. She was surrendered due to family circumstances and no time for her because of work commitments. Daisy is sweet as can be, friendly, happy, mild temperament, not high energy but enjoys walks and chasing a tennis ball at the park or in the backyard. She doesn’t jump unless really made excited and never on people. Daisy is looking for her forever home where she will be part of the family, loved and cherished. Daisy is a very special girl, we dont get these sweet adult easy going love everyone types of dogs that often. She is truly a gem.

Dog Rating Level: 1, sometimes 2

Daisy 7.5 Y F

Daisy F 7.5 Closeup Sit

811 Daisy Stand

811 Daisy Sit