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9 Busta

9 Busta

Baby - Female
good with catsgood with childrengood with other dogs

Back in August, we rescued what we were told was a 5 month old black female (she turned out to be 2 years old) and when we picked her up, it was obvious she was VERY PREGNANT.  She delivered 9 sweet puppies a week later.  Their foster mom has been taking wonderful care of them and getting them well socialized so that they have a very good start on life.  They live with big dogs and cats and have been around lots of children.  Mom is a little black female, a bit of a mix, but ooohh so sweet, and she has been a very caring and loving momma throughout this time.  We have no idea who dad (or dads) were, but, they still look mostly lab.  But for families looking for an adorable, well adjusted young pup and don’t care that their pedigree is unknown, there’s plenty to choose from.  Remember, puppies are a lot of work… you can’t just put them in the back yard and expect them to train themselves, so plan on taking lots of time with them.  And the more time you give them, the better the dog you will have to love for years to come.

Update:  The puppies’ foster mommies have been very good about getting them all socialized with other dogs, especially bigger dogs, cats and getting them around as many kids as possible.  So these puppies should be well socialized when they are ready to go to their forever homes.