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84 Duffy – (Special Needs)

84 Duffy – (Special Needs)

Duffy is a seven and a half year old purebred yellow Lab who came to us when his owner moved to a retirement home and Duffy couldn’t join him there.


When we got Duffy, he was overweight at 120 lbs.  We found out his previous owner was feeding him whatever he was having for dinner, and then some.  However, since he has been with his foster family, he has been on a diet and has already lost a few pounds.  Duffy will need to continue his weight loss routine with his new family.  He is an incredibly sweet, gentle boy.  He is very calm and slow on a leash and loves everyone he comes in contact with…big, small, young or old.  He loves other dogs, cats, old folks and kids.  Duffy just loves attention, plain and simple.

Soon after joining his foster family, he began having seizures.  He has started anti-seizure medication, and since starting his twice-a-day medication, the seizures have stopped completely.

Duffy loves to play a little fetch, although because of his weight, he really can’t do too much running, as he could injure bones or muscles.  He also loves short walks, swimming and lying in the sun.  He is also completely potty trained.  Duffy is looking for a family who can give him the love and attention he needs.