804 Sugar – COMING SOON!

Adult - Female
Adoptable good with childrengood with other dogs

Sugar is a yellow female lab mix about 4 years old, weighing 69 pounds. She wandered onto a farm in Central California with two of her female puppies, the owner of the farm volunteers for Golden State German Shephard Rescue. The farm owner worked with local animal control for the past month looking for Sugar’s owner, no one came looking for her. The puppies will stay with Golden State German Shepherd Rescue and you can contact Andrea Brasil at (209) 610-1846 if you are interested in one of her female puppies (see photos below). So far, Sugar has been great with dogs, kids, adults, and everyone she has met. She is one of those love everyone type of dogs that don’t come along often, she is easy going and very sweet. She doesn’t know much but is eager to please and have your attention, she likes to sit on your feet and get pets. If you are interested in Sugar and all the training she will need let us know, she will be an awesome companion. Once she gets spayed she can go home.

Dog Rating Level: 2

804 Sugar Face.jpg

804 Sugar Laying.jpg

804 Sugar Stand.jpg

Sugar Pup Laying.jpg

Sugar Pup Stand.jpg