793 Red – NEW!

Adult - Male
Adoptable crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Red is a fox red male lab about 5 years old, weighing 80 pounds. Red was a stray who made his way to a very small rural shelter where chances are he was not going to be adopted. He is currently on antibiotics (for skin inflammation and ear infections) and we switched him to a high quality dog food to help as well. The hair loss on his back end suggests he was a kennel dog with nowhere soft to lay and obviously he wasn’t fed the proper amount of food. We have rescued several of these types of dogs with skin issues and within a few months they look like different dogs with healthy skin and new hair coat growing in. Red is a sweet, happy, friendly, couch cuddler who loves everyone kind of boy. He will your right hand boy and follow you everywhere. He knows sit and needs a little leash work but dogs like Red thrive after being rescued and turn out to be awesome dogs. Red is ready to go to his new home and he can finish his course of antibiotics in his new home.

Dog Rating Level 2

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