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782 Baby Girl

782 Baby Girl

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Baby Girl is an 8 year old 92 pound black female. Baby Girl was the center of her owner’s life, but he made some poor decisions leaving Baby Girl homeless and at a shelter. Fortunately for her, the staff loved her and she spent her days getting lots of love behind the counter! They asked us to give her the forever home she deserves. Baby Girl is house trained, crate trained(but would prefer you just let her sleep on the couch). She is great with other dogs…will play bow and enjoy a game of running and chasing or simply enjoys laying out on the deck for a good sunbath with her dog friends. She’s the kind of dog that is up for just about anything you offer. She is a fetching fool, but plush dog toys meet a quick end. And if you’re not convinced yet, she “smiles”…just too cute! Baby Girl is overweight, but daily walks or daily ball tossing will get her back in tip-top shape. Baby Girl is about the sweetest girl who is looking for someone to love.

Dog Rating Level: 2

782 Baby Girl Sit

782 Baby Girl On Couch

782 Baby Girl Face

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