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775 Lucky

775 Lucky

Adult - Male

Lucky is a 2 year old black male lab weighing 73 pounds. Lucky was a stray picked up and taken to a shelter where his person did not come for him. Time was up and the shelter is full so dogs needed to be rescued, adopted, or euthanized. Lucky was a favorite of the shelter employees because he is so friendly and sweet. He played in shelter doggie play groups, knows sit, and when I picked him up there were cats in the parking lot and he ignored them. He would rather not be in a crate but he is coming along very well with crate training. When there aren’t a lot of distractions he is very good on leash, an obedience class will definitely help. He wants to be with his people and loves all the attention, makes us wonder how he got lost. Lucky is one of those ball crazy boys and will fetch all day or play with the ball himself if no one is there to throw it, but he loves his humans around. He is very active and may knock over small children with his exuberance for life. He has a little doggie cold right now but he will be neutered after he feels better, then he can go to his forever home.

Dog Rating Level: 2

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