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766 Dante

766 Dante

Baby - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Dante is a 6 month old black male lab and golden retriever cross weighing 50 pounds. He was sadly surrendered by his person who only had him a month but quickly realized how much time and energy raising a puppy was, and it doesn’t work living in a condominium she learned as well. Dante is ready for training, daily activity, fun, and socialization. He is at that critical age where all of that is important, he does have a bit of stranger danger but once he gets some people socialization he will be an awesome boy. He rides well in the car and knows sit for a treat. He lived with a cat but the cat wasn’t happy when Dante thought he was a play toy. He will be 80+ pounds full grown so if you aren’t up for a big boy he is not the dog for you. Dante is getting to play with his foster moms dogs and is loving it. Dante is a special affectionate boy and is ready to go to his forever home where he can get the people socialization, training, love, and activity he requires.

Dog Rating Level: PUPPY!!!

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766 Dante Sit Closer

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