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763 Cody

763 Cody

Adult - Male
good with other dogs

Cody is about a 2–3-year-old, 72- pound yellow male mix. He found his way to a rural northern California shelter where no one came to claim him. Cody is a big baby! He is a sweet, lovable, cuddly, silly, funny and scared boy. He’s definitely more afraid of men, but new people in general make him drop and roll over in submission. He’s recovering from a doggie cold, but before he started coughing, he had been used as a tester dog at the shelter because all he wanted to do was play. He knows sit and he is still learning to walk on a leash (he doesn’t pull but he hasn’t figured out heal yet). He’s been the best patient during his recovery…never barks, never fusses and goes right into his crate at bedtime. He meets ducks on his daily walks and even they know he’s a pushover…most will fly away at the first sight of a large dog, but they just take a few steps and just watch him bounce on past. Once we’re sure he’s no longer contagious, he’ll be in the house where we can get to know him better. He is scheduled for his neuter, but in the meantime, he can start meeting his potential new family. And yes, he does have ears…they are just pinned back in a submissive posture.

Dog Rating Level: 2

763 Cody

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