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760 Milo

760 Milo

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Milo is a 12 year old about 80-pound yellow male. Poor Milo has been severely neglected his entire life and he’s looking for a soft spot to lay his head and get lots of loving with the time he has left. He has laryngeal paralysis (old dog throat) so he coughs and hacks. We’ll get him checked out by our vet and see if we can give him something to lessen his discomfort. Lots of old dogs have it…it’s one of the signs of aging. He is house trained and sleeps on a dog bed. He is such a happy old man (NO grumpy old man here!). He’s good with other dogs, is house trained and adores children. Because of his age, he deserves a quieter household, not one filled with playful bouncy dogs or screaming toddlers(though he’s good with both)…we know he deserves better. Do you have room in your heart and a dog bed in your home where Milo can curl up and enjoy his golden years? Did I mention he’s very loving?

Dog Rating Level 1

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