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744 Bella

744 Bella

Adult - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Bella is a 5 year old (6 at the end of September) 82 pound purebred yellow female. She was purchased as a puppy to be the companion to the ailing wife. Lab puppy energy was a bad fit so poor Bella got relegated to the back yard, only allowed in at night to sleep in the laundry room. Fast forward to now…husband is now ailing and family reached out to help Bella find a home where she can be a member of the family. This social butterfly loves everyone! She loves all the attention that she can get. No person is a stranger and no dog is a stranger…they are all her friends! She’s house trained, knows sit, but pulls on a leash and will jump up with excitement. We are working on those little things, but enjoying all the fun and love she shares. We were told she went through obedience class but you would never know it so a refresher course will benefit both of you in the bonding process.

Dog Rating Level: 2

744 Bella

744 Bella Body

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744 Bella Face

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