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741 Lucy

741 Lucy

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Lucy is about a 7 year old 78 pound chocolate female. Poor Lucy found herself in an overcrowded rural shelter with her time running out. She looks like she’s had a tough life…she was filthy dirty and sun-bleached, flea infested and probably never had a quality diet. But that’s all changed but it will take some time to get a glossy coat back. For a middle-aged girl, she’s still very athletic. The sight of balls and the sound squeaky toys send her to another level! She’s strong on a leash but learning quickly, knows sit and sleeps quietly in her crate. We’ve never heard her bark. She’s likely been a backyard dog her entire life. She’s quickly figured out the house dog life is so much nicer and she’s learning all the house rules. She’s been good with other dogs with proper introductions and the shelter staff said she ignored the cat(though I’d worry if it were to meow). Lucy is a big girl with a big heart and is dying for human attention. She deserves a chance to get the love and attention she’s not had until rescue. And a round of obedience class to help teach her how a well loved dog is expected to act.

Dog Rating Level 2

741 Lucy

741 Lucy Sit

741 Lucy Face

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