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74 Charlie

74 Charlie

Adult - Male
crate trainedhouse trained

Charlie is an 85 pound 5 year old black male. When his people got divorced, he went with dad, but now dad is not able to find a living situation that will take a large active lab. Charlie is house trained and crate trained, but he knows little else. But he is learning and fast! I don’t think Charlie had much structure or boundaries in his previous home, and dogs really thrive when they know what is expected of them. Charlie is such a happy boy, and we are so proud of how much he’s learned in the short time he’s been in his foster home. Charlie is looking for an active home where he can continue his education and get lots of playtime with his family.

Update: Charlie is such a fun lab to have around.  He has caught on to what is expected of him and he aims to please.  He’s up for a game of fetch and is just as happy to be your foot warmer while you watch TV.