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737 Riggs

737 Riggs

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Riggs is about a 5 year old 68 pound black male. Animal Control was called to pick up a deceased dog hit by a car out in the country and when they got there, Riggs was standing by her body not wanting to leave her side. Sadly no one claimed him and since he was not liking the shelter environment, we got the call to help him out. Riggs seems like a nice, well-adjusted boy. He greeted his new dog friends in his foster home with a wagging tail, and walked out through the doggie door to check out the yard. He has nice house manners, knows sit, goes into a crate without hesitation(though he prefers just hanging out in the living room with his humans). He walks ok on a leash but does need further training just to polish his skills and to make him the best possible canine. It’s quite evident he’s happiest with his people or dog friends…it could be just the recent loss of his best friend and his previous family. But labs are resilient, and Riggs is all lab…bring out the ball, and life is perfect! Yes, he’ll play fetch till your arm falls off and then he’ll want you to use your other one! And the only thing he loves as much as the ball is water! Riggs is a very sweet, lovable and active boy looking for a fun-loving family where he can become an integral part of all family activities.

Dog Rating Level 2

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