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725 Abby

725 Abby

Adult - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Abby is a black female lab about 7 years old and weighing 89 pounds. Breeder dogs that are no longer useful producing the numbers of puppies wanted are sometimes dumped at the shelter, we are guessing that’s what happened to Abby. Not sure how such a sweet, happy, friendly girl would make her way to the shelter and not have her owner frantically looking for her. Abby ignores her foster moms dogs and doesn’t seem to want to play yet, she is very focused on her female humans (probably starved for attention her whole life). She seems a bit scared of males, so she may have been mistreated in the past. She doesn’t know much on a leash but she is house trained and knows sit. Abby would do better with another dog friend in the home.

Dog Rating Level 2

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