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723 Max

723 Max

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Max is a black male 4 year old lab shepherd mix boy weighing 106 pounds. He was tearfully surrendered by his owner (who lives with her parents) because she had no time for him and he had to live outside. Max is a sweet giant teddy bear who is good with other dogs and kids (we have no idea about cats). He will chase after a ball but doesn’t always bring it back. He is getting used to living inside and no chance he will be going back outside without his humans. He loves to hang around and follow you everywhere. He is a silly, happy, friendly, easy going boy. Max is looking for a family where he will be part of their life and share all the fun experiences of family living. We will update you more as we get to know him.

Dog Rating Level: 2

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