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720 Sarah

720 Sarah

Senior - Female
house trained

Sarah is an 80 pound frisky senior yellow female. A ‘frequent flyer’ at a rural northern California shelter, Sarah was not redeemed by her owner this time. People don’t understand why animals roam when they don’t have fences to contain them! Sarah is house trained and knows sit and shake. She is ok on a leash and goes straight to the car and jumps right in for car rides. We aren’t sure of her age, but she has lots of bounce in her step and is an active senior! She gets grouchy around the younger, rowdy dogs so we think she’d do best as an only dog…in a house where she can be the queen! She loves a lawn where she can roll around on and scratch her back and then take a quick romp. Then she’ll come right back in the house and lay at your feet. She is one very happy girl!

Dog Rating Level 1

720 Sarah Sit

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