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718 Cody And Lady

718 Cody and Lady

Senior - Male
good with childrenhouse trained

We got a call from a small Northern California shelter that a senior bonded pair was dumped at their shelter (supposedly there were provisions in an estate for the dogs to be cared for life but that didn’t happen). This sweet odd couple was so endearing we couldn’t resist. Cody is an 11 year young male lab; sweet, easy going, mellow and loves to go on walks. He could use a little dieting, he weighs 88 pounds. Lady is a 9 year old tan chihuahua weighing 7 pounds; sweet, mellow, playful, will chase her tail for kicks, and she likes to walk with Cody. She is a quiet girl and a cuddler. She and Cody play bow and snuggle together, we didn’t have the heart to separate them. We are hopeful someone can open their heart and home and adopt the two together, you will be rewarded with sweet companionship. If you are looking for easy, sweet, and mellow these two are it!

Dog Rating Level 1