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704 Jojo

704 JoJo

Adult - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

JoJo is a cute 50 pound between 3-5 year old black female but acts MUCH younger. She was picked up with another dog and taken to a rural shelter where her people never came for her. When we met her, it was her lucky day! She has lived a hard life, and she was covered in fleas when she got to the shelter and missing a lot of fur from biting at them. She was treated for her fleas, got a good medicated bath to soothe her flea bitten skin and will be getting any needed veterinary care she needs. Her hair is growing back with good nutrition and no fleas, JoJo is now completely house trained (not a single accident!). She now knows sit and walks nicely on a leash. She’s learning wait and off…a work in progress. JoJo is a HIGH ENERGY lab who needs not only her body worked but her smart mind as well. She will do best in a home where she can have a job. Whether it’s sniff work or agility, she is going to thrive with a job…it’s either something like that or chewing up things that aren’t dog toys! Her insecurity is much better but she still needs to have her humans around, but each day we see her confidence build. She is a very busy girl and she needs someone to appreciate what a special girl she is.

Dog Rating Level 2

704 Jo Jo New Sit

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704 Jo Jo New Face

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