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698 Lucky

698 Lucky

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Lucky is an almost 9 year old 78 pound chocolate male. A nice family took Lucky in a year ago when his owner passed away. But they realized they just don’t have the time that Lucky deserves. Lucky may be considered a senior by age, but don’t tell him that! He is a nice happy, friendly, well socialized boy who is up for just about anything. He’s house trained and crate trained and was used to going places with his former dad so he enjoys car rides. He’s pretty good on a leash and is responsive off leash. We were told he’s great with children and we believe it. He enjoys a few laps in the swimming pool on hot days. He seems bigger than he is–maybe his big personality confuses us, but he does not push his weight around. Now that he’s back in a house, he loves curling up at the feet of his new foster dad. Lucky is one special boy! Lucky was adopted and then sadly returned because he liked to ‘clean up’ after their 3 year old son…if toys, shoes, socks or whatever was left on the floor, Lucky had it in his mouth and carried it around. They were worried he’d swallow something he shouldn’t. We think it’s more because Lucky is like a 3 year old himself and wants all the attention!

Dog Rating Level 2

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