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688 Nutella

688 Nutella

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with childrenhouse trained

Nutella is a 7 year old (birthdate 6/25/2013) chocolate female purebred lab weighing about 75 pounds. She was surrendered because the landlord found out about her and she had to go. She was an outside girl and when the landlord found out the owner brought her inside and kept her in a crate all day and night for several months until she was given up to us. Nutella is sweet, happy, friendly, crate trained, and knows sit. She did not get much training and needs some obedience classes to help with leash walking and manners. She does like to check out the counters and we are working on that, she just doesn’t know any better because no one taught her. She loves to retrieve, swim, and is potty trained. Nutella needs to be part of a family where she can get all the love, attention and training she desperately needs and deserves.

Dog Rating Level 2

688 Nutella

688 Nutella Stand

688 Nutella Sit

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