68 Teddy

Adult - Male
Adopted good with other dogshouse trained

Teddy is a 68 pound 4-5 year old male lab mix or Teddy Bear.  We went to the shelter for another dog and had the opportunity to meet and fall in love with Teddy.  He appears to be house trained, knows sit, is learning his leash manners…he is such a happy engaging boy.  He walked right into his foster’s home like he’d lived there forever, said hi to the other dogs and looked around for his dog bed.  He is obviously a mix with 4 white socks, but his personality is as flashy as his coloring.  He needs a little TLC from the shelter…he had an encounter with a skunk before ending up in the shelter and he’s just been neutered so he needs a few days to get cleaned up for visitors, but Teddy will be ready to go home in just a few days so don’t wait if Teddy sounds like the boy for you.