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669 Gus

669 Gus

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Gus is a nearly 3 year old 70 pound purebred chocolate male. With a new baby and a new home with a small back yard, there was just no time left for Gus to get the quality time and exercise a young lab needs to be happy. So his loving family did what was the right thing for Gus. Gus is a happy, well adjusted, friendly, outgoing boy who has been very well cared for and well trained. But, with any dog, the training needs a daily refresher. Gus is house trained, knows all the basics which make him a very nice well mannered boy. He’s lived with an infant/toddler and is pretty good for a 70 pound big lab puppy. He sleeps quietly on his dog bed at night (and when no one is looking, he might sneak up on the couch). He loves the water, playing fetch and going for walks. He walked right into his foster home and right out the doggie door to run and play with his new foster friends. He has been raised with lots of love and attention and deserves no less from his future forever home.

Dog Rating Level 2

669 Gus Sit

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