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627 Liberty

627 Liberty

Adult - Female
good with catsgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Liberty is a 5 1/2 year old ~100 pound purebred black female. Liberty was the daughter’s dog but when she went off to college, she stayed back with mom and dad. Now that they are retiring and sold their home, Liberty finds herself in need of a new home AND a diet! Liberty hasn’t had much training but she is a sweet girl who is house trained and sleeps on her dog bed at night. She’s lived in a house with small dogs and cats and loves them all! She’s also good with the grandchildren but her sheer size can tumble a toddler. She has this quirky behavior of sticking her head between your legs so you’ll scratch her butt. Liberty is a fat happy girl who needs a serious diet and exercise program starting immediately. The only thing Libby likes more than food is attention from her people. It will take some time to get the weight off, but don’t let those big doe eyes sucker you in to giving her an extra treat…and extra chin scratch will do just fine.

Dog Rating Level: 2

627 Liberty Front

627 Liberty Front 2

627 Liberty Face

627 Liberty Face 2

627 Liberty Body

627 Liberty Body 2