62 Maggie

Adult - Female
Adopted good with other dogshouse trained

Maggie is a 60 pound (and dieting) 4 year old black female.  Poor Maggie had had little socialization when she came into rescue, so she was quite shy.   Also, the vet who spayed her said her surgery was a tough one, as she must have had multiple litters for breeding purposes.  This pretty girl’s breeding days are definitely over and she is ready for her next chapter of her life to begin…a home where she will be loved, adored and spoiled, and one that is committed to building her confidence.  Maggie is a fickle girl…she will ‘chuff’ at you to scare you away, but if you get close, she’ll give you kisses.  She’d be happiest as an only dog or with a non pushy dog.  She loves kids…the 2 legged friends are her favorites.